Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

or should I say HaPEA Birthday?!?! In any event it is indeed a happy day for us and for one of you who entered our giveaway to win an LMN-O-Pea gift certificate to be used at a future retreat and some scrapping goodies!

All the submissions were great and we appreciate all the positive feedback; Michelle and I are thrilled to know that you all are having a blast.

So are you ready for the winner?

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 10 [Generate] Result: 4

Of our 10 entries - the fourth entry is the winner! Who is that you ask:

I think my favorite birthday memory was my 23rd. It was simple, but my best friend was in from Chicago, one of our friends came from San Antonio and my brother. The four of us went to Outback Steakhouse and had a great meal and then laughed so hard while we were sharing chocolate cake for dessert I thought we were going to get kicked out of the place. Don’t even remember what we were laughing at, but it was fun.

4 - Kim C.

Congrats Kim! Sometimes the most simple moments are the best and if you are laughing....even better! I'll be mailing out your winnings this week and thanks to everyone for playing!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just two short years ago the idea for LMN-O-Pea Retreats was born. We have had a wonderful time planning & hostessing the past four retreats and look forward to many more successful events. Part of what makes each retreat a success is the ladies who attend and we are so happy to have met all of you; we absolutely cannot wait until April!

In honor of LMN-O-Pea's upcoming birthday we are having a contest! Each person to email us their favorite retreat moment or favorite birthday memory by March 24th will be entered into a drawing to win some scrapping goodies and an LMN-O-Pea gift certificate to be used on a future retreat!

We will draw the winner on our birthday, March 25th and announce it here so hurry and send your favorite retreat or birthday memory to us at!

Michelle and Nicole

Monday, January 12, 2009

Winnings for the winners!

Here is a little peek at what the five of you have won:

I'll be sending it all out Tuesday so you should have it by the end of the week!

We have our winners!!

Congrats to:


Elida was our first winner so she gets a little something extra in her winnings. I'll post a pic of the goods and get them in the mail to you this week ladies....

Friday, January 9, 2009

April Spoilers Part Two - Another View!!

Well ladies...what are we gonna do with you? Such fun prizes waiting to be claimed!

Here is a larger view of the part two spoiler:

Email us your guess at!!

April Spoilers Part Two

Based on some of the answers we have received I'm thinking some have not played Mad Gab. Or seen the commercial LOL. If you haven't you might wanna check into the meaning of mondegreen then come back and re-read yesterday's post.

On to the second spoiler and the second half of our theme:

Email us your guess at Don't fret - if no one gets it today I'll post a larger part of the image tomorrow.

Good Luck!!

Pea-nnouncement Time!

It's that time again!

The retreat is coming up and we've been busy peas planning and preparing for April. While we are super excited about this next retreat and all that it holds for you we are sad to announce that Lisa S. won't be able to host future retreats with us due to some health issues. We know this was a hard decision for her as she really enjoyed being involved with planning and hosting. She still plans on retreating with us and hopefully will continue to teach her cute classes when the opportunity arises. She has contributed some great ideas for the next retreat and we really appreciate all of her input and help thus far.

As always we have some spoilers for the April theme and prizes to give the winners. It's a two part theme which we'll give also in two parts.

Here is your first clue:

Pam, per Ed….PEACE!

Hopefully you have played or at least seen the commercial for Mad Gab. Email us your guess to and we'll send out the second set of clues for the second half of our theme tomorrow! Remember EMAIL us – don’t reply to the group – if you reply to the group everyone sees it and lessens your chance to win! This is open to the girls registered for the April retreat.

Finally, I’m not sure how many of you have decided to follow the
52 weeks of sketches I posted but if you are on the fence…Michelle and I have decide to hold a little contest this year. For each time that you complete a month’s worth of sketches we will enter you in a drawing for a prize. I will create folders on the yahoo group and all you have to do is upload your layout for each week by the last day of that month. Michelle and I will post ours too just be sure and post in your description your name, the month and the week otherwise we won't be able to keep track. This is open to all members of the group. Double bonus - the girls at 52 weeks are also giving away goodies so head over there and check it out!

Post or email and let us know if you will be playing!