Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wow...this past weekend was such a blast! I hope that everyone had just as much fun as I did! The luau theme was perfect because the Aloha spirit was definitely in the air. Lots of scrapping, sharing, eating and laughing going on - which is exactly what its all about!

It was so much fun I was totally exhausted when I got home LOL I believe I slept 27 hours in a 48 hour time frame :-) My family just thought I was gonna be gone for 4 days...ends up it was more like 5 because I was mia in my room for the other one LOL Oh well...I feel much much better today :) We all know the old saying...If Momma is happy then everybody is happy so I'm sure they didn't mind at all ....teeheehee...LOL

It was so great to meet all the new ladies and to see the ones I haven't seen in awhile again! Looking forward to October......see you then if not before :-)


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